Friday, October 21, 2011

This week in pictures

photos taken on my morning drive:

Rue Favreau, Dunham

J.P's cat staring at the Pinnacle

..and his new puppy entertaining "old faithful"

Heading down Pinnacle road

Saying "Good Morning" to my friends at Liebrecht's sheep farm

My friend Benjamin is still working his ground cherry farm on Alderbrook road

Robinson's Farm has turned out the first horses of the morning

and just up a ways on Jordan road James is tending to his Alpacas

Cows cows everywhere

The last flowers of fall will probably be gone by next week

Selby lake in Dunham glimmers in the early morning light

Jenny's pond frogs have gone into hiding but the view is still spectacular

 On the Dunham/Sutton line I stop to say "Hi" to the duck and the two dogs which greet me almost every day

 Heading home

 Rue Favreau again

 One more pond...
and a lovely barn on the corner of Alderbrooke....

And we are back home!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures - there will be a new edition of my Sutton area picture album every week now.
Manfried Helmuth Starhemberg
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