Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween from the Dollarama in Cowansville

Cowansville's Dollarama rocks with halloween spirit

By Manfried H. Starhemberg
"This is so much fun" exclaimed a young woman who was doing a dual purpose shopping at Cowansville's Dollarama on Monday afternoon. "We have our boss's birthday party to get dressed up for and the rest of the stuff is for Halloween".
She was not the only one. There were dozens of upbeat shoppers loading up on candies, fake bleedingg arms and hands, masks, skeletons, funny hats, immense and threatening looking chains (of lightweight styrofoam thank you Lord) and the occasional severed head.
We purchased five lovely goblins ($ 2.- each) for our front yard display, which this year will have a life sized stuffed scary doll riding our full sized illuminated tractor, accompanied by scary music.

The Dollarama has been a life-saver for so many of us noveau poor in the townships. We get our glassware there and the rolling pins, inexpensive electric bulbs and extension cords for the Christmas tree to light the bargain prived tiny bulbs.  Today we saw the scarves and gloves disappearing before our very eyes and the warm hats, priced at $ 2.- seemed such a bargain that we bought four. Add to that the $ 1.00 slippers, the new shower curtain ($ 2.50), six solar light sticks to illuminate the driveway in winter at $ 2.- per, and everyone who cannot afford Holt - Renfrew, can have a shopping spree at the Dollarama.

If this were a consumer report, we should advise the following purchases: Spanish squid pieces in a roasted garlic sauce for $ 1.50, nicely crafted quartz kitchen clocks with real glass fronts (we owned one of these for five years) at $ 2.00, excellent staplers for a buck, socks of decent quality, ditto, flashlights, both conventional or LCD for about $ 2.00 and the first batches of Christmas cards in both official languages so inexpensive, you can include all the girls at the local I.G.A in your Christmas card list.
I shall now sit down to a plate of mini ravioli with meatballs ($ 1.00) until we can figure out what's for dinner tonight. Happy Halloween to our readers!

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