Monday, October 3, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Royal Canadian Legion

Four decades of thanksgiving dinner for the elderly at the Sutton Legion

By M. H. Starhemberg
The Royal Canadian Legion in Sutton is a vibrant and much appreciated center of activity in town. Every other Sunday up to 150 locals come to the scrumptious brunch which at $ 8.- for all-you-can-eat is the best deal in town. Then there is Bingo, hot dog and hamburger nights, barbecoue Fridays, the flea market on their parking lot from spring to late fall and many other special events and activities for old and young year round. Dozens of volunteers, their wifes and often, their children make all this happen. Every year they also have a generous Thanksgiving feast for any person living in the Sutton area who is over 60 years of age. For many, such as the residents of the local old age home "The Foyer of Sutton", transportation is provided and everything is free to be enjoyed for as long as the appetite holds out.
This year's dinner was held on Monday, October 4, and approximately 80 people were at table when we visited at 12:30pm.     Some 30 volunteers had worked for two days to prepare for this feast and were rewarded with the satisfaction of watching the elders, many of them are of course friends and relatives, dig in and enjoy the carefully prepared food.

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