Thursday, October 13, 2011

Salle Pelletier, Sutton

"You cannot download a life show" - Salle Pelletier in Sutton

By Manfried H. Starhemberg
"You cannot download a life show, you have to come here, experience the proximity to the artists, it is something so very special which is why we do it" explains sassy and energetic assistant artistic director of Salle Alec and Gerard Pelletier, Eve Denis. The concert hall/ movie house/ theater, is the mainstay of cultural activity in Sutton and hosts approximately 160 events every year. And now, after the Sutton Jazz Festival has ended, the hall is preparing for a long winter of great doings: There are movies on Thursday nights, there will be the great annual Blues Festival in November and a number of concerts are on the menu.
On October 15 the "Minstrels of Hope" will perform. This is a group of eleven singers, aged 18 to 27, from the slums of Manila in the Philipines. On October 16 the hall will feature an incredible new movie: "The Raid". A group of confederate prisoners escape to Canada and plan to rob the banks and set fire to the small town of St. Albans, Vermont.
"It is a rendezvous with local history" explains, Michael Hynes, artistic director of the facility.

Mr. Haynes (51) is an internationally known producer of contemporary classical music with more than 100 albums done under his tutealge. "What brought you to Sutton ?" we asked. "It is a bit like a blind dog finding a bone" chuckles Michael. "I used to ski here, I love the area and when the job became available seven years ago, I just had to have it".
"There is the great exhilaration to work closely with artists, set up the stage, truly manage a small theater, know most of the patrons and then, after a night goes well, turn out the lights".
The show however continues, with short films from around the world on October 21, a mexican band on October 22, a contemporary French comedy "French Immersion" on October 27, Cine Cabaret on November 3 etc. For a complete program of events at Sutton's intimate theater and performing arts center go to their web site at:

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