Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sculpture gardens in Sutton

Sutton's downtown sculpture garden

By Nancy Helmuth
In the past few years, downtown Sutton has been transformed in many ways. The electric service was routed underground, lovely antique looking streetlights were added and the main street and sidewalk were completely repaved. Paralell to that, a number of local metal artists have begun to use the downtown core as a sculpture garden and permanent exhibit of their craft.

Metal flowers compete with the real thing at the edge of the park across from the Post office and across the street next to a beauty parlor is a lovely metal circle with crystals interwoven into the metalwork.

The adjacent two buildings also have their own sculptures, one of them a very visible red piece of great impact.

There are many more, too many in fact to fit within the scope of this small article but Sutton certainly would love to see people come and enjoy our sculpture garden

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