Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Michelle Lalonde, Glen Sutton's Mosaic Artist

Glen Sutton's great Mosaic artist Michelle LaLonde

By Manfried Helmuth Starhemberg
Former world traveller, French teacher and Glen Sutton resident, Michelle Lalonde makes mosaics. I have known this lovely 64 year old woman who lives with my great friend Chris Payne, a noted photographer, in her beautiful and bucolic home in Glen Sutton for almost two decades."Why mosaics", I asked her when I visited Saturday.
"It started about four years ago" explains Michelle.
"I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office and picked up a magazine which had a story about mosaics. It fascinated me enough to start making my own".  As an educated woman, she got the books, did the research and begun at first with flower pots. From flower pots she went to garden art, mirrors, decorative glass scenes that can hang in a window and act as beautiful light savers. There is no end to the georgeous creations she makes which now sell well and are cherished by many repeat customers.
I love the one she did where a person brought in an old Polish passport and a picture of the immigrant ship which brought the people to Canada. It still can be opened to every page of the passport but is lovingly ensconed with period decorations including Polish coins.

When you enter Michelle's yard you may see her "garden art" which may be balls of mosaic, Mandalas which are superbly crafted  glass creations set in rod iron work, some of them a good eight feet tall, or you may trip over some of her great balls of mosaic endowed spheres.

Michele Lalone also gives courses in mosaic making and at $ 135.- up to four persons can enjoy a day in a well equippedl studio in one of the nicest settings in the townships. Coffee and tea and all the required materials from glass to glue, are provided for free and the participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch which they may enjoy in the well planted outdoors maintained by my friend Chris Payne.
The latest addition to the passion of Michelle Lalonde are mirrors. "I love doing mosaics around mirrors" she explained when showing off the dozens of delightful creations which seem to be everywhere. "This is my favorite, she stated", showing off an all white mirror which features sea shells, discarded jewelry and pearlescent glass:

Michelle has had successful shows in Sutton and her work has been purchased by many local inns, B&B's and hotels and her enthusiasm, mainly throug the courses she conducts is magnetic. She sparkles with joy, she is possibly the youngest 64 year old I have ever met and her work is outstandingly beautiful. To see her current portfolio go to:

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