Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Firemen's Day

Firemen's Day in Sutton a huge success

By M. Helmuth Starhemberg

 By M. Helmuth Starhemberg
This year Sutton's museum is featuring a special exhibit about the great fire of April 15, 1898 which destroyed 35 buildings in the village center core. In conjunction with this show, the volunteer fire department put on a "Firmenen's day" event on Saturday, May 21. The show featured two antique fire engines, one, a 1930 model, gave free rides to adults and children. The stationary antique pumper was  the great attraction for kids of all ages who wanted to be fireman (or woman) for a day and to have their pictures taken behind the wheel.
Volunteers provided information about fire safety, a lovely young woman played the harmonica and two chefs served up hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks. Children were also entertained with make-up for children activities and a workshop to create fire presention posters.
All the current modern fire fighting equipment was on display, lovingly polished as always. The museum also opened its doors free of charge to all comers and many Suttonites who had never been in the museum were surprised by the scope and quality of the exhibits.
Lastly, Sutton's newest group of volunteers, the First Responders, showed off their well equipped first response van and volunteers spoke to guests about the way this new organizatiuon, which had been spearheaded by councilman Louis Dandenal, was being operated. The Responsers initial month of service was a huge success as just last Sunday ther were able to stabilize two heart attack victims.
Altogether a great fun event which was attended by approximately 400 people.

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