Monday, May 16, 2011

Filmore the Cat

The life and times of Filmore, a senior cat

By Nancy Helmuth
"At 17 years of age, some of the younger cats in my house may consider me a 'senior' but I rather be addressed as the 'dominant cat'. My servants, Manfried and Nancy have proved mostly satisfactory and they keep my commode clean and my dishes are washed every day at least twice. Sometimes I have issues with the menu though. I suspect that there were lean times when I did not provide enough mice for the poor couple, so they had to feed me stuff from the Dollarama. But it has been good lately. I approve of the "Kibbles for older cats", even if the title might be a little bit offensive for someone as agile as I am".
"Ten years ago I was the absolutely best mouser here and only on very few occasions did I break a priceless dish when perusing the upper cupboards for my prey. Those were good times as I still worked most of the spring and summer out of doors to supervise the planting of the garden and the eradication of moles and other pests which would dare to trespass. This I leave to the little ones now, they are coming along fine but need some disciplining at times. Just this morning, Feisty and Marco, the little one year old dears, were tearing about the house in pursuit of a stuffed green fish with a bell in it. I do not condone such behaviour because every self respecting cat has to observe the 18 hour sleep rule. But I remember that I possibly was prone to a bit of frolick when I was a kitten"
"The grooming in the home is pretty good. I get my daily brushing even though I would prefer it done twice. My manicurist has been on the job as well, especially after I showed my disapproval of her services by carving nice lines in Manfried's grandfather clock. He was not happy about that but it is so hard to keep our servants satisfied these days. Well, I shall have my afternoon tea now as is befitting an older cat and perhaps, if the rain finally stops, I shall allow them to see me eat a tuft of grass or two in the garden....

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