Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FOR SALE:Classic 1985 Chrysler 5th Avenue - $3500

I recently purchased this one-owner car. It is completely rust free and has never seen salt. The gentleman drove it for about 5,000 miles every year and the underside, paint and chrome are near perfect. It has a 318cid V-8, automatic, power windows, air conditioning and a beautiful red velour interior without any blemishes. The only thing that needs to be done is, the headliner is sagging in some spots.
Today I had the oil changed (Synthetic Castrol which has always been used on this car !) and I also purchased and had tires installed. The car was also inspected today and passed with flying colors and I gladly tell you which garage did it. We completely went through the chassis lube procedure and we also installed new Ansco winter wiper blades. This car drives like a new vehicle and will give many years of service or can become a fine show car as it is certainly old enough to take to car show events.
I had hoped to drive this car for the rest of my days but at age 66, I find myself in a financial position which reluctantly makes us become a one-car household and my wife will not give up her Volvo Wagon.
End of long story. If you want a really nice classic Chrysler write to me. The price is not negotiable -I just want to recoup what I have in it but I will throw in a brand new set of fuzzy dice I just bought to have some fun with this boat.
So kindly do not bother me with any story, tale, weird trades etc. I just as well keep it if I cannot get what I am asking for which is the price of a crappy old motorcycle...
Thank you for reading this far.

Note - headliner material is splitting along the pillar

No rust anywhere in all the sills, door edges etc

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