Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cold and Empty - Newport at 8 AM on a Saturday

by Manfried Rieder Starhemberg

The most colorful thing in town this morning...

In the late Victorian times, local builders must have offered a special deal on towers and turrets - there are dozens of them just in my immediate neighborhood. In order to take these pictures I just had to turn around a few times - they are all near my home around the corners of Second and Prospect streets.
It's a cold Saturday morning and downtown is emptier than usual with only the gas stations open and of course Brenda's coffee shop. As I walked by, the manager of the Family Dollar was just turning the "closed" sign around, so he was right on time. Few cars were in the parking lot behind the police station, they probably belong to the officers and staff. Down Main street the vacant business locations outnumber the active ones and since a large part of the street will be torn down next year, there is little hope to see new life springing up anytime soon. But as always, those who walk the streets offer a friendly nod or a cheerful "Good Morning" followed by the customary "It's getting cold"...
Still a lovely town to walk in even if the sun is not glittering off the lake and the boats and the fishermen are under tarps or blankets.

Towers everywhere

Wherever you go - the church looks down on you

Coffee, Beer, Cigarettes, Gas and Newspapers and nice people

Empty downtown at 8AM

Trying to photograph the photographer - Didn't work.

Slated for demolition soon.

Great breakfast at Brenda's

This and many other places...

Has not worked in decades!

Even the fish looks cold.

But the laundromat is busy.

Great stories must have been composed here a long time ago.

Remnants of the recent fire in Central street.

Always lovely South Bay

The railroad bridge to nowhere

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