Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tranquility in Sutton

Tranquility reigns in Sutton on Saturday night

By Nancy Helmuth
The theme was "Tranquility". Suttonites were invited to walk Depot street on Saturday night at sundown and do so extremely slowly. Every gesture, every foot movement had to be in extreme slow motion to express the theme of the walk, "tranquility". About 200 people came and had a blast as five local artists painted the street, kids of course jumped in between the painted surfaces, projectors were used to beam images of the artwork and the slow walkers onto the walls of surrounding buildings and "a good time was had by all" , in cameradery with family and friends, in reflection of the coming of the colder part of the year, or just in good neighborly harmony. Some people tried to outdo each other in how slowly they could move a leg up and down, inch forward a small step and begin this again.
Meanwhile the artists created octopy and flying fish, snails, balloons and portraits of people on the pavement. (One of them did my husband Manfried):

Altogether a fun filled evening at the first day of Sutton's wonderful Jazz festival and a demonstration that even simple inexpensive events can bring neighbors and townspeople together to do something fun and entertaining.

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