Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Ecosphere

Project Ecosphere a huge success in Brome

By Manfried Rieder Starhemberg
Note to editors: I am sending you the pictures first and the story will be at the bottom:
(Have fun)

For about a third of the people attending "Project Ecosphere" at the Brome county fairgrounds, Tina Defoy, a professional dancer, was a star attraction this weekend. She gave a number of stunning performances which were enjoyed by people of all ages and it was really cute to see little girls trying to emulate her every move on the sidelines. Even CBC camera people were focussed on her instead  of intervieweing the people pushing their "green" products. The show, in its fourth year actually was a huge success. 180 exhibitors were present and represented the new trend of organic farming, hand made and recyclable products, facial creams and soaps that are healthy and use no harmful chemicals and particularly interesting were some of the exhibits of clothing made from non synthetic materials.
A number of masso- therapists gave demonstrations about healthy massages, some of them looked so deliciously soothing that your's truly almost succumbed to the temptation,but of course one has to return to the belly dancing exhibition after dutifully examining the large Yurt.

The children had fun, there was a miniateure train to ride, games galore, and some of the food vendors gave out treats. La Cafetier of Sutton did a landslide business with their beautiful panninis, the beer was cold and reasonably priced and for the more serious visitors, there were lectures from the building of an ecology friendly house to making a home more energy efficient. Unfortunately, not many people at the event spoke English, all the press information was in French only, as were the lecture presentations. Andd sadly, of the 80+ businesses we spoke to and interviewed, not a single one had a bilingual pamphlet, business card or press kit.
Enter Ford: At a large tent, framed by an ancient Ford windstar turned into a moving greenhouse, Sebastian Boudreau of Capital Image in Montreal, representing the car maker, gave a superb presentation of Ford's new hybrid technology, demontrated Ford's use of recycled denim materials, now used to sound-proof Ford vehicles and had at hand samples of Ford's new seat cushion material, which is based on Soya fibres as are the foam particles of Ford's airbag systems, leading to way to Ford's new philosophy to gradually reduce petroleum based plastics from their vehicles.

Eric Ferland whi is in charge of the project was delighted with this year's turnout;. Over the past four years, nearly 36,000 people visited his event and this year's attendance almost ecliped that of the last two years combined. "Just wait for next year", he smiled. "We are going to be back bigger and better yet".

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