Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Ecosphere

Project Ecosphere coming to Brome this weekend

By M. H. Starhemberg
On September 24 and 25, the by now internationally known "Project Ecosphere" will have its fourth's annual exhibition at the Brome County Fairgrounds in Lac Brome. 40 guest speakers will lead discussion groups about environmental issues, more than 180 exhibitors will be in place to show their environmentally friendly products, teach about biodiversity, international cooperation or simply to promote their "green" products which range from whole houses to soaps, clothing and cosmetics, energy plants for the home or industry or food products of Quebec that are grownin a sustainable environment.
There are also tons of artists and artisans, some of them displaying beautifully crafted pieces made of native materials. Some companies will showcase clothing manufactured in Quebec from locally available materials and spun or woven by hand or made in a manner leaving only the smallest possible carbon imprint.

One such company is Eco 3R designs, it manufactures and distributes eco-bags made of natural fibers (jute) bags the first CarbonZero certified in Canada. Natural, strong and durable, the burlap sack is the ideal solution to combine ecology and ethics.
Many other companies focus on international cooperation such as the "Fair Trade" organization. And of course political parties, Hydro Quebec and other government agencies will have their representatives at hand to promote their eco-friendly policies. There will be exhibitions of naturally grown Quebec foods and demonstrations of how to prepare it, numerous health spas will be present to explain their individual goals of creating a health regimen for individuals and many artists have also begun to focus ecology in their paintings and sculptures and are well represented.
On a lighter side:

"Dare to Laugh" from Sutton will hold quoting them): "A Mini-Workshop of Laughter - Emotional Ecology. Come and release your stress through movement and games fun ... laughter galore. Make the discovery of this anti-stress natural to incorporate into your daily life".
In the last three exhibitions in Brome, more than 36,000 visitors enjoyed this event which is now becoming a perennial favorite for many townshippers as it is not only educational but entertaining in its scope, visually stimulating and a great weekend getaway for people who are tired of seeing the same old cows and chicken at the townships fairs all summer long.

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