Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sutton's Sunshine Center

"And the Sun Also Rises" - Sutton's Sunshine center

Ilia Kavoukis and daughter Alexis
By Manfried H. Starhemberg
"The Sun Also Rises" is a biblical quote, it is also the title of one of Mr. Hemigway's most famous books (the one that has the "running of the bulls in Pamplona etc). But, the sun does rise in Ilia's 'Sunshine Center" in Sutton. For five years this place, a former supermarket, has been tastefully decorated, seperated into a number of beautiful rooms which abound with the works of local artists and more than that, cater to the wellbeing of us Sutton folks.
Here you can get infrared sound therapy which does not tan you, but makes you sweat and detoxifies your body, you can have your aches and pains taken care of by licensed accupuncturists, there is a superb hair salon, any imaginable massage therapy, and of course Yoga.

Trisha Pope
Coming soon is a new addition to the center: Trisha Pope, well known throughout the region as a trusted clairvoiant, but more importantly, a pioneer in "Sound Healing". She gives singing lessens, conducts a choir and knows that through sound and music, beneficial healing effects can be achieved. Considering that many people that worked with her believe in her unique approach of making their lives better, one can hardly argue the point. Trisha is also an outgoing  person and met people of all ages at last week's "Family Fest" in Sutton.
Gorgeous Ilia Kavoukis(43), came to Sutton in 2003 and established her massotherapy business. Fife years ago she expanded it into her current Sunshine Center which now has five therapists on call and others who come in when needed. Ilia is a sole proprietor and the other members of the center either rent space from her or, if they only come in for consultations, pay a percentage for the use of the modern facilities. Ilia used to own a restaurant at "Antiques Row" in Montreal but as a trained massotherapist, she finally decided to trade "trees for people", which brought her to Sutton which she had visited many times before and fallen in love with. Her main employee is daughter Alexa who mans the phone and assists in running the business but is also being trained to be a therapist.

Everywhere throughout the center is a feeling of serenity. The large room in which aerobics classes and other group activities take place, is covered with a stunning wallpaper that makes one feel deep in the forests not far away.
How many people come through the center every week? "At least one hundred" states Ilia, but "I do not care how many, the important part is that they feel great when they leave here, otherwise this would just be a business. We try to be more than that, we want to make feel people feel good, relaxed, or even prettier if they use the hair salon. It is all about people".
On a personal note, I had met Ilia seven years ago, when she and I owned identical ancient Volvo station wagons and a mechanic quoted her a ridiculously high price to make a drive shaft noise go away. I sent her to my friendly garage and about $ 65.- later, the problem with the missing grease in the center bearing was gone....We have been friends ever since!


  1. 'And the sun also rises' Sutton's 'Sunshine centre'
    by Manfried H. Starhemberg

    Dear Manfried,

    Thank you so much for your great article. We are grateful for the detail you put in as this gives a chance to those who don't know us to have have a glimpse at what we offer. Your article is particularly appreciated now that everyone is heading back and thinking of indoor activities and classes.

    In my business, communication is important, as important as precision.

    I feel that it is important to clarify several things mentioned in the article you wrote.

    While many may indeed remember this building as the one that housed the Axep grocery store, it has had many vocations since that time (offices, art exhibition, sports store, etc).

    The Sunshine Centre was perhaps in its embryonic stage years ago, however it officially came opened its doors in a previous location above the Sutton Gym 4 years ago and last year at this location. We will be celebrating our first birthday here with an open house on September 10th from 2 to 5 pm.

    The Sunshine Centre has a new exhibition every 2 months. There will be a vernissage Saturday 20th of August from 2 to 4 for the new one-woman show of painter Sylca. The show is called 'Vue d'en Haut' (View from Above).

    The saunas here are indeed infrared (versus harmful ultraviolet). This refers to the heat waves which have wonderful health benefits. Unlike regular or Scandinavian saunas, these saunas are dry and
    can be tolerated for a longer time. This particular sauna has a wonderful sound system so you can listen to all sorts of music or recordings. It also has a coloured light therapy unit. There is even more but we should leave that up to people to discover !

    There are various therapists and teachers working within the centre. Among them are teachers of different kinds of yoga, Qi Gong, personal training as well as massage therapists offering a great variety of methods mainly for relaxation and pain management. Other teachers and therapists use the centre regularly. Keep posted through our website.

    There is a hairdresser on the same floor and we are happy to coordinate time here with her services; they are two totally different businesses.

    Alexa was here at the Center to give her mum a hand as summer vacations wind down and school will soon be starting up again. She is an avid swimmer and dancer.

    As our slogan says, it is our purpose to offer means to harmonize body and mind. When you decide to go out and get a treatment or take a course, it is frustrating if you have to chase after it because you don't have the right information.

    Again thank you for your timely article. We do so appreciate the coverage.

    Hope to see you again soon,


  2. OOPS, another correction, the Open House will be the 20th of September from 9am to 3pm.

    hope to see lots of people there trying out the free demonstrations of the upcoming classes.