Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Family Event Sponsored by the Town of Sutton

By Manfried H. Starhemberg
Last Saturday, the town of Sutton invited the local populace to a family get together at the municipal park to meet many different community organizations, enjoy face paintings or the pool, play with a giant macot or jump around in an inflatable games park. The town responded and there were hundreds of children and their parents mingling with a large number of senior citizens. The weather was perfect, blue skies, warm but not hot and a superb group of local volunteers to make it interesting for everyone.

Free fresh corn on the cob, served with farm fresh butter, a mess of watermelon slices and popcorn were available and enjoyed by many. There was a composter for the watermelon rinds and a tent which was dedicated to teach people about home composting. Next to that was an exhibit by Sutton's new First Responders who gave demonstrations about their first aid skills and also showed the different tools used by the group.
"Open Mike" was sponsored by the Sutton Youth Center. There was line dancing, a game of "Petanque", toning exercises and yoga exercises after which local story tellers entertained the crowds.

There was so much to see and do, that the municipal swimming pool was almost empty for most of the afternoon. Activities continued through the evening where the last event was an outdoors movie screening sponsored by the town as well. It turned out to be one of those enjoyable afternoons for leisurly strolling around, meeting neighbors and learning about the manifold activities, sites and cultaral groups that are there to create and hold together the fabric of a small town.

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