Friday, August 5, 2011

Caesar Salad Cometition in Sutton:

Sutton announces the great Ceasar Salad Competition

By Manfried H. Starhemberg
Chef Christian Beaulieu shown above,is one of the eight renowned chefs in Sutton to take part in a unique competition: Which can create the best, the most memorable, the award winning Ceasar salad. This might not sound a big deal to anyone but the whole town is already abuzz about it ,because the event includes eight local artists as well. Let us explain: Eight chefs are viing for a prize of being the creator of the best salad, eight artists are painting paintings of this storied salad and their paintings will be displayed in the eight participating restaurants, along the other works of the participating artists.
The eight Sutton restaurants will feature the salads every day until labor day, and the artists have been given ample space to show off their stuff.  There are some serious contenders here, Lionel Dimontis, who has owned one of the most beautiful houses in Quebec, the lovingly restored Royalist mansion, which he calles "La Fontaine", and who is the longest existing establisment under one family in Sutton, will compete against storied chef Lise Desjardins whose "L'International" won its share of praise on the internet. A relative newcomer is John Kostuik of the Auberge des Appalaches and Luc Beaujean of the very fine bistro "Tarzinizza" is the dark horse in these sweepstakes.

Michel Carre'
The locals are already betting and one of their favorites is long time owner of "Tarzinizza" and now chef at the great golf club, Michel Carre'. This man has made his mark on Sutton though his beautiful Italian dishes, his delightful and whimsical use of herbs and spices, cheeses and vinaigrettes. But there are the dark horses, Michele Besre, former owner of the renowned "La Roumeur Affame", which she sold two years ago, now presides over the kitchen of one of the premier hotels in town,"Le Pleasant". "Le Cafetier", possibly one of the greatest success stories in Sutton's gastronomic history, will be represented by the lovely and vivacious Marie-Andre Brunelle. I have eaten her stuff and albeit she is in th eyes of a 63 year old, a "kid", she "do handle her kitchen well".Eight artists have been asked to make paintings of Ceasar salads and their paintings, as well as their other art will be displayed in the partipating restaurants until Labor Day weekend, when a great public taste testing and a juried competition will take place in the center of town. The public is invited on September 4 to taste the different salads and cast a vote, the official jury will be presided over by Phillipe Molle', food writer for the Montreal paper "Le Devoir" and columnist of culinary matters for Radio Canada.

 Liane Bruneau, the charming and effervescent boss of the Tourist Bureau of Sutton and the writer of this litle story have a bet going on who is going to win this contest. Come and judge for yourself however. There is a lot going on in Sutton throughout August and September.

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