Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Surrealism - a new show at Gallery 99

Chris Hudson ceramic

Mary Alice Brenner painting

A cheerful gallery

Surreal all right...

By Manfried Rieder Starhemberg

A new exhibition in Diane Peel's Gallery 99 across from the Family Dollar is a captivating collection of pieces by twelve local artists. Called "Surreal" it is a bit of that all right as different styles, mediums and levels of professionalism make for an enchanting show in this tastefully decorated and easily accessible space.
Mrs Peel, a local nurse who self finances this gallery and community center originally wanted a place to store and perhaps showcase her later father, the noted Seattle painter Donald Peel's remaining work. He is of course represented as well in this exhibit and would possibly have himself a great time being among the local talent some of whose work complement his own whimsical style and others who clash to starkly that it makes for an amusing counterpoint to his disciplined brush work.
The show will be on through the end of January and it is well worth seeing even by people who are not great art connoisseurs but simply because there are a bunch of good fun pieces, mostly quite affordable but all thought provoking and done by local artists

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