Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cheerful Downtown Welcomes New Boutique

By Manfried Rieder Starhemberg

It is almost as if someone has waved a magic wand over Newport's downtown in the past week. Walking along main street at 7PM there are Christmas lights aglow, there are people walking and through the well lit windows you can see at dinner with friends. Merchants tell that they are busy and there is even a brand new boutique, "Boutique Unique" next to Brenda's Restaurant.

Owner Azela Tanguay has relocated from her previous location on Route 417 because she feels that downtown will see a renewal soon and when the storefront formerly occupied by a kitchen store became vacant, she grabbed the location. The transformation is well done, subtle lighting and discreet mirrors highlight a superb collection of woman's clothing with a distinctly international flair.

"I buy from sources in New York, Montreal and Europe" explains Mrs. Tanguay. "I did buy from China one time and actually found the quality quite good but the clothe sizes are too small so I now focus on the traditional quality lines you see here".
Azela used to manage clothing and jewelry venues in Canada but luckily for Newport, she married a local businessman and is now in a business all her own.
At first sight, the place looks expensive and some of the dresses, blouses and jewelry "too rich for Newport". Look again. Woman can  get a fine outfit which will highlight her at any party or restaurant for about $ 50.-, bottom blouse and belt included in some examples shown. Dresses start at $ 40.- and even exquisite Koucla outfits are on the hangers for about $ 60.- At these prices almost anybody can afford that special cosmopolitan look at the next candlelight dinner or the night out with hubby.

Business has already been good and interestingly enough, Boutique Unique has attracted Canadian shoppers. Mrs Tanguay finds that more and more shoppers from across the border are attracted to Newport because of the leisurely shopping experience and quality found here.
"The important thing is to make woman understand that these are not just clothes for supermodels but for regular woman who appreciate some chic and color which is why I showcase a variety of garments which are from subtle to dramatic", sums up Azela.

As for this chronicler - I would actually like to see my Nancy in some of those outfits sometime soon. Did I hear Christmas bells ringing around my ears?

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