Sunday, June 5, 2011

New design studio for Sutton

"kokûn" has designs on Sutton's senses

By M. Helmuth Starhemberg
"At "kokûn" , I can indulge my personal obsession with presentation, which I call Wrapture, by stocking everything you could possibly want in the way of gift-wrapping materials", expains Kris Blok-Ansersen, the owner of Sutton's newest business which opened last weekend in the almost exact center of town, next to the post office.
The store is devoted to affordable home furnishings and accessories and also will serve as a home for Kris' FIDER (North American Foundation for Interieur Design Education and Research) interior design business and also continues the previous owner's picture framing business Image Encadrement.
Kris and her husband Wilder Penfield bought a home in Sutton two years ago and Kris states, "we were drawn in part by the village's remarkable creative artistic community. I think the store is going to fit right in, complementing the diverse talent and taste already established here".

"I am totally stressed out" exclaimed Kris on opening day afternoon and to emphasize her opening day plight, the shelf to the right of her seen in the above photo collapsed a minute after the photo was taken.
This is not Kris' first venture, she opened her first store, Harlequin, in Toronto's Queen Street Village in the eighties and sold collectible vintage clothing and jewelry before becoming a full time designer. "kokûn"  joins a growing number of Quebec businesses that ascribe to the philosophy of consumption philantropy: A percentage of the store's yearly revenue is earmarkedfor La Maison au Diapason, the new palliative care home for Brome-Mississquoi and Haute-Yamaska region.

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