Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Skiers, mountain bikers and shopaholics find Bromont irresistable

By M. Helmuth Starhemberg
Bromont did not exist until 1964. It was created as a resort community incorporating the old town of West Shefford and environs. While Sheffors's loyalist and victorian roots can still be traced through some of the old homes and three magnificent churches, the town has become exactly what it's founders envisioned: A tourist center. The main attraction is Mont Brome,the ski mountain which is adequate for beginners and intermediate skiers and in Summer offers challenging mountain bike trails and a mountain bike championship. The only museum in town is the "Musee de Chocolate" which consists of two rooms of exhibits next to "Confiserie Bromont", a superb chocolate shop in the center of town.

Confiserie Bromont - one of many counters of goodies

Bromont has become a designation for Montrealers and the place has unabashedly been developed. On the day of this writing, June 6, 36 contractors were busy building new condominiums, adding to the shopping malls, roads to Lac Broome could only be accessed throught dusty detours to afford more construction to be carried out and, as one contractor voiced: "we are building a new Mount Tremblant here".
There is Calvin Klein. Tommy Hilfiger, Atmosphere, Guess, Jacobs and all the other name brands in sprawling new complexes everywhere. No doubt, shopaholics can have a field day in this historic tow,n but thankfully, all the hundreds of shops are at the periphery of the old main street which still has lovely restaurants and boutiques. There is no history museum however, no artists colony, none of the attributes which make nearby Sutton so attractive. Here it is all about growth and development. One of the advantages that Bromont has over Sutton is that it has night time skiing, a favorite of many weekenders. Bromont also holds at least two world class equestrian events every year, has a fabulous golf course, boosts its own airport, some 15 minutes from town, and is only one hour's drive from Montreal.
Other attractions are a multitude of spas, access to local vineyards, well groomed hiking and biking trails and two lakes, Lac Bromont and Lac Gale.

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