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New Gallery Art Libre

Gallery "Art Libre" Opens in Sutton

By Nancy Helmuth
On Thursday, March 3rd  a new gallery opened in Sutton. The place is located on Pine street, just off Rue Principale. Owned by four artists, Francine Denault of Bolton, Myriam Bardoul of West Brome, Louise-Andre' Roberge of Sutton and another Sutton artist, Nicole Cote', the group of four has renovated premises formerly occupied for many years by famed photographer Guy Borremans.
"The idea is to showcase our work but we also invite four other artists to show here to create a dynamic environment. If you just show your own work it becomes stale but by incorporating others in your space, new creativity can possibly spring from this", tells Nicole Cote', a splendid sculptor whose work has been shown in reputable galleries over the past two decades.
The house is one of the older homes in Sutton and at one time was a small hotel as it stands on grounds next to the former Sutton railroad Depot. Almost every house on this street relates to the railroad days, next door on Pine street is the local Tattoo parlor which until the 1930s was a livery stable to bring people to the local hotels.
"After stripping out layers of old tiles and linoleum, we discovered original and well preserved wood flooring" explains Nicole. "And the walls are of lapstrakes of cedar which had been covered by ugly panelling". It took the artists, all of whom participated in the reconstruction of the space and the re-painting, almost three month to make the place an outstanding gallery with tasteful lighting and  an interior design of subtle nuances.

 What impresses at first sight is the great diversity of the pieces shown. There is lovely paintings on the wall, two of them I would cherish to have in my house to replace my own husband's paintings which I have seen just once too many times, there is jewelry of elegance and intricacy, hand crafted and each piece a work of art in itself. The showroom is also light and airy with no shadows to disrupt the visual sensuousness of the paintings. Apart from so many galleries I have visited, what impressed me most is the perfect balance of color and texture of the pieces displayed. There is no "greed for space" here, every single item has its own space and visitors can focus on a single piece of art without being distracted by crowded neighboring displays. This makes for a rewarding visual experience.

I am no spring chicken myself and neither are the principal artists of this gallery but when I can feel the combined energy of 200 years of hard work, of striving for perfection, of still working that easel every day to improve upon that  last piece, I am awed by the never ending quest to create just one more "masterpiece". Yet, the artists hug and kiss each other, there were grins all around about having achieved yet another milestone in their lifes, their own "space".
Sutton has many artists but in this gallery, a new showcase of the great talent so often overlooked is now available to the public and I for one was awed by the work shown,by the people who created it and by the beautiful way it is presented.
The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm and on Saturday until 6 pm. See you there!

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