Friday, March 18, 2011

Anthony Sauve'

From Blueberries to Encromancies, Anthony Sauve' Excells in Photography

My Manfried Helmuth Starhemberg
Anthony Sauve' (34) is becoming know in Quebec art circles as one of the few artists who specialise in an art form called "encromancies". In his own words that means:
"Gnostic gelatine. An herbarium inspired
by Wassilly Kandinsky’s first abstract
paintings and by the divination arts of
prophets and druids. Encromancie was a
ritual based on the observation of ink
splatters to interpret their signification,
similar to the psychological test of Rorschach
to determine a patient’s mental stability.
Insights into my psyche, a codex of my own
personal iconography.

Inkjet prints of sketch-like organic shapes, a selection of unstable and ephemeral
shrivelling macro-installations which I
photograph at different stages of their
transformation. I use raw materials such as
pure pigments and drawing inks, I mold the
gelatine and bend black steel wires as a frame
for my compositions. The ink spreads, the
colours change, the pigments crumble, the
gelatine liquifies rapidly; I can slow down the
melting in the refrigerator to a certain state
of mummification.

I work with a digital single lens reflex, an
inkjet printer and with a scanner, the
“gelatines” directly on the glass."

Anthony recently had a well attended show in Montreal and is planning his next one which will take place at the VAV gallery on Blvd Rene Levesques on Montreal from May 17 to 28.
"I've traveled before and strolled constantly, changing curriculum, such as Literature , the Visual Arts and as varied as the History of Art and Craft Bakery , and was finally graduated in Maple Syrup Production and Photography.".
Having know Anthony for more than a decade, I can attest that he is equally adept at assisting his Parents Pierre and Terry Sauve' at their very beautiful blueberry farm in Sutton and since photography and the creation of the pieces to be photographed, has only been recently the mainstay of his work, I have also seen him as a "liftie" on Sutton's ski mountain and as a house painter. In anything I have seen him at, he has shown intensity and energy. His vivid colors and the impeccable printing processes that he uses have won him rave reviews and thankfully a few knowlegeable buyers who cherish his work.
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20 Western Street
Sutton, QC J0E 2K0

ph: (450) 538 0982

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