Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Rare Find - A Great Garage and "Museum"

By Manfried Rieder

Rare Saab Rallye Car in Retirement

Two weeks ago I drove my 30 year old Chrysler to European Auto Works in Coventry to make an appointment for a state inspection of Nancy's Volvo.This was my first time there and I had the rare opportunity to meet a number of incredibly cool people, owners Pat and Chris Poginy and their dad - all car nuts, engaging, full of enthusiasm and knowledge. After making my appointment Pat pointed out that there was steam coming from under the hood of my "vintage" Chrysler. She was right - I had blown a radiator hose so I had to call Nancy to come and fetch me which gave me the opportunity to hang out with the crew. Having once been a rallye driver for team Saab I enjoyed to see a vintage Saab sitting in the grass. Mr Poginy Sr. will use it's rare V-4 engine to install it in a much rarer Saab Sonnet sports coupe he is restoring. In the garage was Mr. Poginy's WW II antique Jeep, just back from the annual car show in Stowe, unfortunately with a blown exhaust manifold gasket. Wondering around the grounds was like visiting an outdoor car museum"

Rare vintage Kaiser awaiting its faith

When I brought the Volvo for inspection it was discovered that I had a worn right front control arm which would explain the steering vibration we felt any time we got over 60 mph in the highway. A few days later I had the opportunity to watch Chris Poginy change that evil part and I was amazed by his surefooted craftsmanship. These people know what they are doing and their prices are more than reasonable. These days when you have work done on a car, it is mostly a pain in the rear end but at European Auto Works you are dealing with folks who first and foremost live and breath cars as evidenced when Chris told me that, even as a teenager helping in his dad's garage, he would take cars apart and put the back together "just for the enjoyment of it".

One can never have enough Studebaker trucks

In addition to superb service, the Poginys also sell used cars and one can be certain that these vehicles have been checked and serviced well. An example: Right now there is a Saab convertible for only $ 2,000, another Saab with only 77,000 miles on it in mint condition for $ 3,000.- Try to find this anywhere else in Vermont where they charge you twice that much for a clapped out Jetta. Anyhow - if you need service or an inexpensive used car you absolutely have to go visit this friendly place on Rte 5 in Coventry.

Nash Metropolitan, missing a few parts

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