Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Old Car Hobby is Alive and Well in Newport

By Manfried Rieder

I have been a car nut all my 67 years and have owned dozens of vehicles which now would be priceless but when I originally bought them were just cheap old cars like my pair of 1956 Cadillacs, the three 1960's Lincoln Continentals with suicide doors, the array of older British Jaguars, Morgans, Rileys and Austins. Three years ago I sold my Austin A-40 saloon (1956), recently I gave my vintage Range Rover to a friend in Quebec because it would have been too big a hassle to get the thing state-side.
Now we are down to a lonely 1994 Chrysler 5th Avenue which is certainly not a "collector's car" but my daily driver and soon I will repaint the trunk lid where my neighbor's tree had made a big dent in the last storm. I think the most vintage attribute (other them myself) is the pair of fuzzy dice that hang from my rear view mirror. But: You don't have to be rich and famous to enjoy the hospitality of the long established club "Cars of Yesteryear" in Newport. If your car or truck (any make and model) is 25 years old and can make it to the meetings in one piece under it's own steam, you pay an annual family membership of a whopping $ 12.- and will be welcomed by a friendly group of like minded individuals.
There are many events throughout the year such as the popular meets at Hayes Ford or at Wendy's, local cruises and barbecues and the like.
On Saturday, July 26, the drive in event at Wendy's was an example of good fun, a raffle of prizes, good conversation and glorious afternoon sun. Here are some pictures of this event:

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