Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bergerie, a lovely B&B in Sutton

Sleep like a lamb at La Bergerie in Sutton

.By M. Helmuth Starhemberg
Lovely Maxime Walther , a Swiss national, came to the town of Sutton nine years ago and built one of the finest Bed and Breakfast places on Sutton Mountain. She adores sheep, thus, every single room (she only rents out four) has a different motive with wooly lambs everywhere. But the great thing about her enjoyable place is, that it is completely secluded on Morgan, road on the west side of Sutton massiv, she has a great spring fed pond, the grounds are impeccably landscaped with seasonal flowers everywhere and her "Co-pilot" Brian makes a great breakfast. Brian actually spent his life as a co-pilot for the Canadian Forces and is an amazing teller of aviation related stories, lore   and anecdotes.

The "Bergerie" is beautifully appointed, with every room different and tastefully decorated. Each room also has it's own bath and shower and the spacing of the rooms throughout the house is designed to give total privacy to the visitors. Right now, the small inn is experiencing the great summer rush and is well booked though Thanksgiving. Then comes the lean time until the ski season starts again after the first good snowfall, but Maxime takes that in stride because she herself likes a little down-time inbetween the daily rush of changing linens, cleaning and maintaining her wonderful flower beds.

 The "Reading room"

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