Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Treetop adventures

"Tarzan of the Apes", alive and well in Sutton

By Manfried Helmuth Starhemberg
"Sutton's Outdoor and Treetop Adventure Group is a perfect fit for our town which is why the town of Sutton is showing its support by becoming one of the Co-Op's supporting menbers" explained Sutton major Pierre Pelland at a recent press conference at the company's lodge just off Rue Maple near the top of Sutton Mountain.
The Co-Op is comprised of 100 User Members, seven Worker Members and five Supporting Members.It is currently closed to ready the trails, walkways high up in the forest, the steel lines and cables that let visitors fly through the ancient maples and pretend to be "Tarzan of the Apes" without the problems of whatever may lurk on the floor of the bush below. I have "flown" the zip-line and can attest that it is great and exhilarating fun.
But the Co-Op member's explain it best in their own words:
"An adventure that requires the use of all your senses, within a world of centuries-old Maple trees, a creek of crystal clear water and all the splendours that Mother Nature offers. Arbre Sutton Tree Adventures is available for all brave adventurers of 6 years old and up. We have an exciting course for children who measure a minimum of 1.40m from their fingers to their feet (arms above head). The Little Adventurer course was built in 2007 and offers more than an hour of fun for the 6 years old and over. Dare yourself to tackle more than 20 obstacles including gateways, barrels, zip line, etc. An unforgettable adventure for the whole family!

Note to parents: you are welcome to join your children within the Little Adventurer course. However; we are not responsible for your child teasing you if you do not complete the activity!
For the taller ones measuring a minimum of 6 ft from their fingers to their feet (arms above head), we have the Junior-Adult course. You will need an average of 3 hours to complete the activity and includes a total of four routes of increasing difficulty. Challenges, breathtaking views, centuries-old maples, flying snowboard, zip lines and of course, our Giant Tarzan Rope! We also offer special prices for corporate, group bookings and school groups!
Do you prefer to keep both feet on the ground? We offer more than 5 km of exceptional hiking with informative route signage available for your family, with trails also suitable for the little one`s in their strollers!
We are also friends of our four-legged companions, provided they stay on a leash…"

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